Honda Flameless Roof Dryer with Tank

This Honda Flameless Roof Dryer with tank will dry your jobs quickly!  The RD 6009 Roof Dryer defrosts, drys and gets you back on the job with minimum effort. Its rugged design and user friendly features make it the perfect choice for professional roofing contractors. Use it to dry surfaces after ponding water has been removed or to remove morning dew, frost or light debris. The Roof Dryer works by combining high heat (up to 350º F) and a 200 mph airstream to facilitate quick drying and reduce costly downtime. There are no electrical cords or danger of electrical shock. 5 Horsepower Honda GC Overhead Cam Premium 4-cycle engine with recoil start powers a 200 MPH airstream up to 1600 cubic feet per minute. Heating System Specs: VT 3-12 S burner, up to 250,000 BTU/hr, mixes with air to provide drying effect up to 350° F. NOTE: Includes a 12.5 gallon LP Tank.

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HON Flameless Dryer with Tank



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