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      The History of the #1 Brand in the Roofing Industry!

      Roofmaster pioneered The Roof Flashing Paint business in the late 1990’s. The practice started in Texas, where the contractors started painting the flashings and vents of large tracts to match the color of the shingles, as an added feature to gain business away from other contractors who didn’t. In the beginning they used paint in a can and a brush, but found that it took too much time and if an open can tipped, it could ruin a roof, driveway etc. In looking for canned spray paint, they found that box store paints were not made to cover, hide or adhere to the metal parts. Roofmaster’s reps brought the idea to our engineers to develop a long lasting, heavy duty paint formulated specifically for metal roof flashings, knowing that we already painted all of our own manufactured equipment. The Roofmaster brand was formulated and became an instant success in Texas, Oklahoma, California and the western states. Texas storm chasers, roofers who follow and do work in areas that have been hit by hail, tornadoes and hurricanes, spread the practice of painting flashings throughout the Midwest, Southeast and Florida. Now, painting those flashings vents, pipes and dormers has become a standard practice on residential and commercial roofs throughout most of the U.S. Today, the Roofmaster Flashing Paint has been used by Contractors to give MILLIONS of satisfied homeowners roofs, an eye pleasing, professionally finished touch, making it the #1 Brand in the Roofing Industry!


      Roofmaster’s Premium Ultrahide formula gives a one coat, heavy duty hide, that always hits the target, even on windy days. Our 1-coat coverage paints vents, pipes and flashings in half the time of cheap box store paints. This heavy duty roof flashing paint is a durable and fast drying paint designed for the contractor to finish the job professionally, by colorizing the flashing, valleys, pipe and vents to the roof shingle or tile color. Painted flashings are more attractive, and are water, snow and UV resistant. Painted flashings won’t rust or corrode, causing unsightly discolorations or stains on your roof. Use our Flashing Paint Matrix to match ANY Manufacturer’s Shingles, Tiles, Shakes or Slates with one of our 16 Colors!


      Surface must be free of oil, grease and rust. Glossy surfaces need to be dulled with steel wool, sandpaper or chemically deglossed. Galvanized metal should be prepped with a mild acid solution such as diluted muriatic acid. WARNING! If you scrape, sand or remove old paint from any surface, you may release lead dust. LEAD IS TOXIC. For more information, go to

      This paint sprays heavier to give better hide. Best (Optimal) results are obtained when painting is done at temperatures between 70°F and 80°F with a + or – 30 degree variance. DO NOT paint at less than 40°F. Because this paint is thicker, shaking is very important. Shake for at least two minutes. If spray stops or is irregular, turn away from work piece, turn can upside down and repeatedly press spray tip to clear the obstruction by using the can pressure, about 1 to 3 seconds. Wipe tip, shake can and resume work.

      This paint will dry in 20 to 30 minutes. Though seldom necessary, you can recoat in 30 minutes to 1 hour.


      No Fluorocarbons

      No Lead

      No Chromates

      No Xylene

      Flashing Paint Color Matrix Chart