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Heavy Duty Power Feltslitter

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The Roofmaster Heavy Duty Power Feltslitter!For those having to slit APP Modified, here is the option that will allow you to cut heavier materials. This unit includes a Heavy Duty Power Pack that will provide enough power to slice through the reinforced material.  Cut and re-roll roofing materials up to 40" wide. This new design features a new and improved Safety Guard "Open" design on the blade holder reducing trapped debris. Newly designed Mandrel (laser cut steel and hardened pins) release with grease fittings. Perforated bottom tray allows debris pass-through. New higher frame makes loading much easier on mechanic's back. Space blades 1" on center to cut any desired widths. Faster Gear-reduction electric motor. Grease fittings at all critical wear points for longer life. Foot pedal controls allow for easy and safe operation.

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Heavy Duty 40" Power Feltslitter



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Power Unit

3/4 hp Gearmotor