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8# Red Top Mop – Each Price

Red Top Mops have been a staple in the roofing industry for many years. Imitators paint their mop shanks red to fool contractors into thinking they're getting Red Top mops. Roofers with many years of on-the-roof experience know the difference between Red Tops and the imitations. Red Tops hold more "hot" than any other fiberglass mop on the market. Roofers are able to cut the outer steel band so that more "hot" is trapped in the yarn. They're made from durable plied glass yarn that will withstand temperatures up to 1200F. NOTE: Be sure you have a genuine Red Top. A shank that's just painted red does not mean it's really a Red Top. NOTE: These come 6 per case. In purchasing, prices are lower depending on how many cases are purchased. Breaks are at one case, three cases and six cases. Can combine with other Red Top Mops.

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8# Red Top Mop - Each Price

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