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Tile Hooks, Copper 3"-4"/Var

Wire Tile Hooks are designed to secure the nose end of roofing tiles on steep slopes and in areas designated as high wind zones. The #106 Wire Tile Hook comes in two distinct styles, (one for clay, one for concrete), and in two sizes,(for each style), that preset the tiles designated headlap, (3 or 4 inches). Tile Hooks are used on nail down, screwed, and wired tiling applications. An adaptation of the Wire Tile Hook, is the wire fastener known as the "Variable" Tile Hook.. This version is designed with a fastener, (Nail, screw, wire), receiving end and a long straight end of wire, that is used to bend back over the tile. This is a very popular method for securing the nose ends of an existing tile roof that may be experiencing wind related issues and for tying in new tiles when replacing broken tiles.

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Tile Hooks, Copper 3"-4"/Var



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