hook and loop

16"-17" Galv Hook & Loop Tie

Invented by a tile roofer in the early 1900's, with a formed loop at one end, a length of wire set from 11 to 17 inches, (Depending on the tiles required exposure), in the center, and a hook at the other end, gives the #104 Hook and Loop it's unique look and function. The Loop end is set from the underside of the tile, up thru the nail hole, with the length of the fastener set to run the underside length of the tile. Taking another Hook and Loop, lock the hook end into the exposed loop of the first fastener and tile, set another tile over this fastener, loop end up thru the nail hole and off you go! It's faster than it can be described in print. Attaching to the deck at an average 10 foot on center limits deck membrane penetrations. Stronger and safer for securing the cover section of two-piece "cap and pan" tiles than the use of a long  tile nail, the fastest "S" tile wire fastening system known, the Hook and Loop is a technique that provides the designer and contractor the best of what each values.

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16"-17" Galv Hook & Loop Tie



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