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High Press Pole Gun w/XRAC Tip

Same as the Roofmaster High Pressure Pole gun(749450) but comes with a Graco X-RAC tip and has a 24" extension. This combination allows you to spray with a high pressure pump and to be able to "throttle" the valve and to be able to stop, reverse and clean out any clogs in the spray tip. The carbide ball and seat in the trigger assembly, increases the valve's wear factor.  A 1/2" "Live" swivel, allowing swiveling under pressure is included.  We recommend this gun when material being sprayed is dirty or extremely fibrous. Comes with a X-RAC 861 tip, which has a .061 opening and will give a 16" to 18" wide spray pattern.

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High Press Pole Gun w/XRAC Tip



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