GH833 Gas/Hyd. Sprayer BARE

The GH 833 is the answer for high production professional contractors who demand uninterrupted performance spraying the widest range of materials. Features: * Exclusive MaxLifeâ„¢ Endurance Pump includes QuikChangeâ„¢ Pump System and QuikAccessâ„¢ Intake Valve to eliminate down-time. * Heavy Duty Cooling System with large 4-gallon reservoir and durable hydraulic filter extends life. * Exclusive Graco Hydraulic System with faster, more responsive changeover and high-precision pressure control. * Flow-through filter system with inside/out design eliminates clogged filters. * Honda Power - 390 cc to deliver maximum performance. Materials: * Latex Paints and Primers * Acrylic and Epoxy * Below Grade Water Proofing * Elastomerics and Blockfillers * Asphalt Emulsion and Other Roof Coatings Applications: * Residential Exteriors/Interiors * Commercial Exteriors/Interiors * Industrial Exteriors/Interiors * Architectural Coatings * Roof Coatings Specs: * Max Tip: .065 * Max psi/bar: 4000/276 * Max gpm/lpm: 4.0/15.1 * Weight lbs/kg: 350/158 * Engine: 13h Honda 390 cc with Oil Alert Ask to have your Roof Rig tires NFL'd (Non-Flat Lite) so you're never down on the job

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GH833 Gas/Hyd. Sprayer BARE



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