titan hand roller

Titan 16" Roller Frame & Hdl

This 16" frame and replaceable roller is for coating smaller areas.  With double the surface area to hold more material, the Titan Rollers make any rolling application process twice as productive. Disappointed with the slow hand application of coatings and adhesives, roofers came to us because small, flimsy paint rollers would not hold adequate material when dipped. Titan Rollers are heavy-duty steel frame, 16-inch rollers with a large 4-inch diameter. They keep up with the physical demands of motivated contractors.
No adjustable parts to break
6-foot ribbed-aluminum handles
Easy-to-replace, 4" diameter heavy duty roller, 1/2" nap
Double surface area holds more material
Welded frame/5-year frame warranty
Light-weight, long-reach applicator
Lubricated thru-axle

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Titan 16" Roller Frame & Hdl



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