44' hoist

PRO400 B&S 28′ Platform Hoist

Highly efficient hoist is more cost-effective than a crane, forklift or boom truck. 200 lb. and 400 lb. lifting capacities available. Choice of gas or electric power for outdoor or indoor operation. Brake rope design allows for 'feathering' of brake, resulting in a smooth, controlled descent of platform. 33 % larger cable drum diameter prolongs wire rope life. Entire hoist is lightweight and easy to transport. Pulleys with machined polymer sheaves enhance wire rope life and provide smooth movement. New pulleys are direct replacements for old steel ones. Heavy cast aluminum shoes on base track sections are standard. High quality aluminum track sections are maintenance-free and assemble with splice plates, bolts and lock nuts. Durable steel platform construction for years of use. Versatile enough to lift to 44 ft. heights. Large variety of accessories available. This Model is a 28' PRO400 with 4hp BRIGGS & STRATTON gasoline engine and comes with one - 16' Base, one - 8' center track and one - 4' center track. NOTE: Image is of a 16' hoist.

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PRO400 B&S 28' Platform Hoist



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