RetroFit 2 D-Ring Anchor

RetroFit Anchor 2 D-Rings Dacromet

RetroFit Anchor 2 D-Rings The low-profile design is aesthetically pleasing and is designed to last the life of the structure. The RetroFit is designed to give all who access the roof a reliable tie-off point. Installs with just 8 nails and comes with special butyl waterproof flashing strips to seal the stainless-steel nails. Fabricated with dacromet steel and certified for over 5,000 pounds.

Use over asphalt shingle, wood shake or metal roofing, the butyl flashing strip attached to the underside of the anchor will provide a water-resistant installation. Compatible with all standard and vented ridge-cap systems. Can be painted to match the roof color, too.

  • Installs under Vented & Non-Vented Ridge Caps
  • Perfect for Asphalt, Wood & Metal Roofs
  • Includes a Butyl Strip for a Waterproof Seal
  • Low Profile Design Blends Into Roofing
  • Complies with all OSHA and ANSI Standards
  • Includes Stainless Steel Fasteners

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RetroFit Anchor 2 D-Rings SS



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