rs-10 single d-anchor

RS-10 RetroFit D-Ring Anchor

RS-10 RetroFit D-Ring Anchor This is a single sided D-ring anchorage device that are installed at the ridge, hip-ridge or in the field for permanent or temporary use. Permanent use anchors are supplied with stainless steel nail fasteners and a butyl strip flashing. The 8-1/2” length is idea for shingle type roofs allowing the anchor to be attached over the roofing material. The RS-10 is exactly ½ of our RetroFit anchor, making it an ideal complimentary anchor for hip ridges and shed roofs. Available with a “Dual Hole” option to accept larger diameter fasteners to give you more mounting options. We can supply you with special, high strength Head-Lok Fasteners up to 12” long for deeper substrate installation.
  • Built for Shingle Roofing and Wall Applications
  • Permanent Low-Profile Design Does Not Detract from Roof
  • Use on Roof or Wall Surfaces
  • Easy to Install and Includes all Fasteners
  • Rated for 5,000 OSHA Fall Arrest

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RS-10 RetroFit D-Ring Anchor



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