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Midwest STRAIGHT Aviation Snip

This Snip has Super Strong Blades. The Optimum Handle Opening at a 5-1/2 inch spread is easiest to grip in the hand, allowing user to maximize length of cut per cutting stroke. Strong steel handles won't bend or collapse from hand pressure and maximize transfer of hand force to cutting power. Individually ground "stops" prevent handles from bottoming out which further assures the most efficient transfer of hand power to cutting power. "Stops" also control crossover of blade tips to prevent sideways tear of material being cut. Heavy-Duty Spring is a "double over-wind" design that in cycle tests exceeds 120,000 cutting strokes - twice as long as the single coil springs in some competitor brand snips. The Blade Adjustment Bolt is threaded into the bottom blade to keep blades in adjustment for over 30,000 test cuts - exceeding the ASME Standard. This model cuts right, left or straight in 18 gauge cold roll and 22 gauge stainless steel.

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Midwest STRAIGHT Aviation Snip



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