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Railguard 200 5′ Rail Only

The standard for fall protection and construction safety equipment. Unmatched versatility lets you use a Railguard 200 System in countless applications.You can protect a long straight-line run, turn 90° or 45°, form a square or rectangle, tie in from three or four directions, use a gate or install 2" x 4" toeboards. A Railguard 200 system will meet your needs cost effectively and efficiently. The basic Railguard 200 System has only three components for easy set-up: the base plate, the rail sections, and quick pins. Now you can help protect people from falls and dangerous areas, maybe even save lives, fast and affordably with the Railguard 200 System. It's so strong a 200 lb. man can't knock it over. So easy to use you can set up hundreds of feet an hour. And, it's completely free-standing! If there's one thing contractors and facility managers don't want, it's having to drill into floors or roofs to install railings. Drilling is expensive and can cause extensive damage to the substrate. Railguard 200 eliminates the need for any kind of mechanical fastening at all. Just position the base where you want it, drop the rail into the base, pin it and you're done! Can be used for permanent, or portable protection. Bases available with pads to protect surfaces such as single-ply membranes. Standard sizes in stock in powder coated yellow: 5', 7-1/2', 10' Custom lengths and designs available. Galvanized available.

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Railguard 200 5' Rail Only

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Rail Only



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