ladder hatch guard

3’0"x3’0" Roof HatchProtector

All Rooftop entry/exit points must be protected. The Garlock HatchProtector roof hatch safety system provides a non-penetrating affordable solution. The integrated landing zone allows easy access to and from the hatch. The self-closing gate prevents accidental entrance.

The Garlock HatchProtector is designed to install quickly and mounts directly to the roof hatch maintaining rooftop water integrity. The unique design of the HatchProtector also protects hatch integrity with a compression fit. No drilling necessary. 5 standard sizes are available to fit almost any hatch. Choose from either yellow powder coated or galvanized coating for protection from the elements.

Complies with OSHA regulations.

  • Prevents falls through an open roof hatch and provides safe transfer area from the opening to the roof.
  • Meets OSHA 1910.23(a) (8) and 1926.501(b) (4)
  • Swing Gate for easy access and safety.
  • Non-penetrating to maintain water integrity of the roof

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3'0"x3'0" Roof HatchProtector



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