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Hook Nail/GALV 4" HL (1000/BX)

The Hook Nail is the ultimate nailed fastener for the installation of tile. Manufactured from .135 diameter wire of various alloys, the Hook Nail is the most effective wood deck fastener available. The nail end is approximately 6 inches away from the tile, this assures no accidental hammer to tile contact when nailing. When specified with a hook , the headlap is automatically set at the required measurement; i.e. 3 or 4 inches.  If wind should create lift to the nose of the tile, the hook will rise slightly with the tile, causing the long shaft to bow downward to the deck, thus forcing the nail end to stay into the deck. The fastener end is easily sealed with a membrane compatible mastic. The #108 Hook Nail is the most effective fastener for steep pitch designs, such as mansard roofs. The Hook Nail is also used in high wind designated areas for securing the first course of 2-piece cap and pan tiles. A version of this fastener is also available without the hook. Known as the "No-Hook Nail " Nail. The No-Hook Nail is a cost effective alternate to standard nail and wire method.

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Hook Nail/GALV 4" HL (1000/BX)



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