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2000# Pull-Out Tester

This Pull Out Tester is used to document and record on site pull-out values.  This simple to operate unit is sturdy and can do pull tests up to 2000#.  It includes a gauge with a red "drag pointer" to show the results of the test.  It is accurate to within 1%, with a minimum of 100# and a maximum of 2000#.
To operate, make sure the fastener is installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.  Make sure the fastener is 1" longer so that the tester can fit under the head.  Simply position the tester over the fastener, reset the drag pointer to zero, turn the handle clockwise until the fastener releases from the deck.  The gauge will read the actual value in pounds of force, so no conversion is necessary.

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2000# Pull-Out Tester



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