Granulemaster w/Lowboy & NFL’s

Roofmaster's Dual-Hopper GranuleMaster is designed to allow continual broadcasting of granules. This unit works on a different principle than a lot of home made granule broadcasters. It uses air volume of 150 cubic feet per minute and only a maximum of 15# pressure. This GranuleMaster is mounted on a LowBoy trailer for ease of loading and application and comes with Roofmaster's NonFlatLite wheels for trouble free tires. Two component construction (Blower Power-Pack and Dual-Hoppers) allows for continuous application and will afford optimal performance. NOTE: NOT FOR USE WITH GRAVEL. Approximately 1000 to 1200 pound total capacity (500-600 lbs per hopper) (Using #11 - C93 granule .84" to 2.0mm). Equipped with Quick-Change flow control Hopper Valves. Fill one hopper while using the other for continuous operation. Tops of Hoppers have easy load funnels with debris screens. Equipped with Roofmaster Relief Valve to prevent over-pressurizing & improved safety. 225' of 2.5" O.D. hose is included. Height: 60" Length: 100" width 49"  BLOWER ASSEMBLY A check-valve is installed to insure that no granules can enter the blower. 18hp gasoline engine* with starter/alternator powers the 150 cubic feet per minute blower equipped with a combination air filter/silencer. Entire unit is rubber cushion mounted to help eliminate vibration. Hoses from blower assembly to Hopper assembly are equipped with quick disconnect couplings. Will broadcast up to approx 50lbs** of granules*** per minute through 225' of 2.5" O.D. hose****  12 Volt Battery (not included) is required to operate the electric start on the Power Pack. ** Individual performance may vary depending on a variety of conditions *** #11 - C93 granules .84 to 2.0 mm in size **** Roofmaster recommends using no more that 225' of this hose. If hose length exceeds 225', performance will vary from anticipated performance.

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Granulemaster w/Lowboy & NFL's



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