40′ Std Model 62 Hoist

Model 62 Hoist is a hoist that uses 8' extension sections that index into the next section. This hoist comes as a standard 40' unit and includes four (4) 8' extension sections, one (1) 5' base section, one (1) 4' extension section, one (1) 2' extension section and one (1) 1' extension section, to be able to reach within one foot of the desired height. Known as the "jackrabit" hoist due to its rapid rate of travel, it does have a 250# limitation on loads. The material carriage is powered up and returns via gravity, all controlled from the top curved section on the roof. The top curved section has two controls, a clutch and a brake. To raise the material carriage, you release the brake and engage the clutch. When the material carriage reaches the top, the operator can disengage the clutch and the carriage will return to the ground, stopped by engaging the brake at the bottom. The top curved section is designed to allow the material carriage to be able to "throw" roll goods onto the material ramp that is included in the package. Options are a gravel bucket and a top gravel hopper for a bulk gravel operation. The gravel hopper is mounted on raised legs to allow a wheelbarrow or 36" gravel spreader to load bulk gravel from the bottom of the hopper. The top hopper has a capacity of 600# of bulk gravel.

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40' Std Model 62 Hoist



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