Basemate Ladder Stabilizer

The Basemate Professional Ladder Stabilizer is an innovative new product that cuts the risk of falls by allowing ladders to remain stable on uneven ground. Designed for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers, it easily attaches to the bottom of any standard ladder, keeping the ladder stable and level, providing it with an extra-wide adjustable base. The Basemate's ingenious design utilizes an arc of hardened steel. As the opposing locks on each side of the arc are released, the arc slides over until its rubber tread feet are firmly on the ground while the ladder stays plumb. Simply lean your ladder, tap-release the lock with your foot, and start climbing! Features: Wide base gives added support / stability to extension ladders Non-penetrating design Exceeds Grade 1 and to Type 1A ladder requirements by 20% Weight tested to 1,200 pounds Made of hardened steel Patented triple action locking system with one foot operation (patented design) Installation to most fiberglass, aluminum and wood extension ladders (12" to 20" rung width) Adds less than 12 lbs to the base of the ladder

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Basemate Ladder Stabilizer



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